Music video: Jasmine snatches a suicidal high school wig with "Hero"

Jasmine's music video budget has been slashed like April O'Neil's jumpsuit in Leonardo's ninja turtle lair. But she is still managing to rock new wigs in her music videos. Although the sight of a safety clip keeping Jasmine's wig in place in this video made me say a little prayer for the chick.

"Hero" is a better song than "Flying high", but only barely. It suffers from the same shortcomings: a well produced song, with a buggered song structure and a severe lack of vocal production. Jasmine's vocals on this song sound inconsistent as fuck. Sometimes she sounds really good, but most of the time she sounds really bad - reaching for notes she can't hit and going for a level of power she doesn't have. Jasmine has a good voice in her somewhere, but she shows a complete lack of mastery and control of it here.

The video was great though. This shit was like Battle royale meets Nobuta wo produce. If you've not seen Battle royale, then don't talk to me until you've seen it. WORLD CINEMA CRASSIC! And if you're up for some high school hijinks with a meaningful subtext, then be sure to check out Nobuta wo produce. It's the drama that kick started Horikita Maki's entire career and features Yamapi in one of his most playful, less depressing roles.


David said…
The song would have been great with someone with a power ballad voice like Koda Kumi or even Ayu but whatever.

The cinematography is great, but I feel like two different people filmed/directed the part with Jasmine and the parts without.
Josh Chinnery said…
I'm a little meh about the vocals on this song... It's like chick started to care, but then gave up halfway through. Also, dem breakdown parts could have some kind of choreography. Chick could have even looked like she was bouncing to the beat!! I've always found dance songs by singers who don't (or can't) dance really awkward when the breakdown hits. Especially during live sets XD Also, DEM NAILS!!!