Klingon Fenty overshadows catwalk ho's at Victoria's secret fashion show

Klingon Fenty overshadows catwalk ho's at Victoria's secret fashion show | randomjpop.blogspot.co.uk

Klingon Fenty spends much of her time wearing next to nothing, so for her to perform at a Victoria's secret catwalk show is fitting. Most of the girls on the runway were wearing more than she was. But I have to hand it to the Bajan Klingon - for all of the elaborate outfits the models were wearing, she took the attention from every single one of them. Not because she was the bigger star and the one warbling into the microphone, but just her demeanour the whole time she performed. Particularly during her performance of "Phresh out the runway, where she made the models look redundant.


Phresh out the runway

Did the Forehead give us...vocals!? The e-community is running rife with allusions that she was miming. I'm not going to go into that. But the vocal performance of "Diamonds" be it live or pre-recorded sounded better than the album version. The vocals were much stronger and she sang the song how you'd expect Rihanna to sing it, as opposed to trying to mimic Sia.

"Phresh out the runway" is nonsense. The song features nothing but F-bombs and so many references deemed unfit for for a broadcast that the Klingon's vocals were silenced for most of the song. She may as well just walked up and down the runway to an instrumental. I'm all about dat beat though. Even if it does sound like "Birthday cake" going through a paper shredder. And the Klingon's swagger was an A, with that mean ass walk at the end being an S.

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  1. I think they dubbed her live vocals over the footage, because I saw a fan recording of her Diamonds performance and she sounds the same. Riri's lives have actually been really vocally stable and quite strong for a while now, I guess it's just her first...4-ish years of being so shoddy that leaves a permanent lasting impression on people when they finally do hear her sing really well.

  2. Her weave was atrocious and she wasn't singing live.

    She had them shades on because those models outshined her.

    They put her on pause.

    She was on life support and they stilletto stumped the plug right out the socket.

    That spin and swoosh beneath the angel wings was tight though.

    1. No. Just, no.

      Rihanna >>>> All da models

      Credit and props where it's due. If she did sing live for "Diamonds", then she sounded good. I was pleasantly surprised. She hit that performance in a way which actually made me like the song for a hot minute. Her swag in that "Phresh out the runway" performance = On absolute point. Even the models had to applaud her for that walk at the end. MEAN! I rewound that shit countless times.

  3. I gotta hand it to her, that performance of "Diamonds" actually made me like it five-times more. She was on her A-game that night. And speaking of A-game, I hope you do a review of her album soon, J; it actually might surprise you.

    1. I've heard the album. The review is written. Watch this space.


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