Girls' generation's dance teaser for "I got a boy" reveals Tiffany's inability to twerk

SM entertainment have released a dance teaser of Girls' generation's chicken head anthem "I got a boy". It's nothing special given that only one member of the group can just about dance and these girls have a great deal of trouble keeping in time with one another. But the song sounds hot and it shows three different looks for the girls, all of which look the same.

What the f**k is wrong with Tiffany's waist? The bitch is so stiff that she makes C-3PO look like a dancehall queen. I cannot wait to see the full routine to this song, because I just know Tiffany is going to be moving like a tank and that I'm going to love every single second of it.

Girls' generation ghetto colourful concept looks like they were snatched, gagged, tied and made victims to a bukkake shower of a family pack of skittles, Crayola and a Jeremy Scott pop up store. Every K-Pop group has run this look so far into the ground bitches could dig for fossils. f(x) have already been there, done that and bought that XXL T-shirt for Amber which hides all evidence of titties. It would not surprise me in the least if news surfaced that this concept and song was originally intended for f(x). I'm not sold on the look myself as it feels forced. Why is Taeyeon looking like a South Korean Young Jeezy with a bandana and a flat peak snapback? The only members who look natural and own their looks are Hyoyeon, Sunny and Yoona.You can see the spark in Hyoyeon and Sunny's eyes. They cannot WAIT to hit up me2day and reach out to black chicks in Korea, and arrange a meet in the hopes they can become real life home girls and clip in each others extensions.

I really do hope these girls perform "I got a boy" on Jimmy Fallon and have Sunny shout out "Where my n***as at!?"


  1. Great, another mess.

    They keep bumping into other groups territory (and royally fucking it up) and not sticking to their cutesy monotonous bullshit with minimal dancing.

    With their near getting kicked out of Japan sales, bitches better hope they keep selling in Korea.

  2. Cold blooded J,you just personally scalped Tiffany, her face has been looking a little stiff as well so I guess her waist should match loll.

    I am not here for this song, or any of this tom foolery tbh

  3. Three Things.

    1. Did SM take that Paparazzi set back from BoA and use it for a mother freaking 3rd time?

    2. Can you resuscitate me and Korea because I just died and they are gonna die.

    3. Japan can't wait for their Version.

  4. I still need to hear the song in full to judge it in anyway. It sounds repetitive already. And they actually look somewhat in-sync this time, so that's a plus. Seriously, though, I agree with you and the whole concept thing: is there a shortage of creativity in SM right now because with the whole "Sunny trying to cop Amber" and now the whole crew try'na cop f(x)...? It's not gonna fly with me if this whole video is just a carbon copy of "NU ABO"!

  5. Replies
    1. I've already convinced myself that both this song and concept was originally intended for f(x).

  6. LOL. That macro. Get it together SNSD! So far, the song should have stayed for f(x).

  7. Can anyone tell me why they are popular? Blegh.


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