Mariah talks her way through "All I want for Christmas is you" on Jimmy Fallon

When all else in Mariah's life fails, there is always "All I want for Christmas is you". A song which is as good as a traditional Christmas carol now and undoubtedly one of Mariah's most played songs. So it's only natural that in the wake of "Triumflop (Get 'em)" being critical mauled, dat drama on American idol and the festive season being upon us, that she'd hit up Jimmy Fallon to perform her Christmas mega smash...with a twist.

Mariah sounded good to start off with. But as the song went on, she began avoiding those high notes like strapped AK Nicki was waiting in a cardboard box for a bitch on the set of American idol. Listen to the original and then listen to this shit. Mariah's giving vocals on the original version. Here she barely scratched the surface. Those kids should have been leaving that set with hearing aids from the post bridge belts, whistle notes and shit.

I do like me some Mariah. I own Glitter, (Lambs, holla!) But her now shitty vocals, her mess live performances and her sound which doesn't seem to be really going anywhere has me not giving a single f**k about anything new upcoming of hers. But I'll buy it when it drops regardless.


  1. it's very shocking! the arrangement is so random, and . . . Bwahahaha . . . those funny children suddenly coming out catch me off guard,
    . . . and MC, owh . . . we all miss the old Mariah, but now, we have the old Mimi, still she's great though to sing in the original key (with many lowered tone), but it's okay for me . . . . .

  2. I mean, It's cute but... her vocals are basic as fuck tbh... She is not what she was :( Still a legend though.

    Annoying how all the lambs are infesting Xtina's Jimmy Fallon "Your Body" video making out Mariah shat on her coz she has more views... BYE, Xtina has damage to her voice but can still hit it out of the park on occasion and be good most of the time, Mariah at this stage is redundant vocally it seems.

  3. You can see the bitch hesitating like 'CAN I DO IT OH GOD NOPE' at 'make my wish come true' LOL.

    And I ain't ever seen her breathe so often.

    Maybe she took up smoking?

  4. Anybody with the minimal knowledge in proper singing techniques will tell you most pop divas like her and Xtina force their throats too much instead of using their diaphragm more, this damage their vocal chords with time. Listen to singers like Lara Fabian who is as old as Mariah, she is still singing flawlessly beacuse of her proper technique. It does not surprise me to see Mariah in this condition at all.

  5. Meh. I don't get it. Sounded alright to me.

    Not that I'm familiar with her recorded version.

  6. It's obvious she isn't what she used to be, but at least she knows her limits now, unlike some other people I could talk about. COUGHxtinaCOUGH

    At least we didn't get a bunch of off-key, out of tune screeching. That would've been infinitely worse. She kept it classy and restrained, which means she still has at least SOME sense of how to sing.


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