Kumi performs shades Ayu on TV with a performance of "Koishikute" on CDTV

Kumi performs shades Ayu on TV with a performance of "Koishikute" on CDTV | randomjpop.blogspot.co.uk

Kumi Koda can sense the fear in Ayu like a dog. So Kumi has been gracefully heading onto the stages of Music station and CDTV in a range of dresses looking similar to one's Ayu wore back when she was of any relevance to the Japanese economy. Kumi is out there showing Ayu what a chick's gotta do to make sales. RELEASE SINGLES and PROMOTE THAT SHIT! Ayu needs to recognize.

Hit the jump to watch Kumi shade Ayu by wearing a dress much like the one she wore on the cover of her eight studio album Secret.

There were times when Kumi's voice sounded about as stable as Christina Aguilera on a unicycle. Kumi usually walks her ballads through parks and often sounds better than she does on the studio recorded versions. But something was off here.

"Koishikute" is boring. It's the driest ballad Kumi has inflicted on Japan since "Alive". But it's hit number 1 on the Rekochoku daily ranking within spitting distance of Ayu's mini album slumping into the ORICON chart at number 7.

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  1. Frankly, she sounds quite bad here. :(

  2. Ayu is probably fuming that Kumi can still hit number one with her singles while Ayu hides behind shitty 'mini albums' to not break a stupid record.

    If the wreck that was 'Go to the Top' can get number one and gold, I'm sure 'Koishikute' will have no trouble getting gold as well.

    Also, she was flat on just about every note there. Considering all her other lives of this song are nearly flawless, I'm going to blame this one on a cheap ear set or delayed feedback.

  3. random j... did you comment on iconiq's instagram photo the other day?? lmao

    1. lmao, i just saw it! ?j, how could you shade flopqueen iconiq like that?


  4. LOL you're so right J... Ayu needs to get off her ass, drop some singles and most of all PROMOTE...
    I don't actually care if she flops, she's legendary at this point and her music seems to be improving again which is good enough for me but when something flops due to NO effort being put in, that f**** me off.

    Anyway, this songs is boring, Kumi was not up to her usual standard either but I do love Kumi :) She has a unique voice, like Ayu does.

  5. ayu will never get singles again since she was banned from everything cos music station fight lol
    I liked koishikute though I hate koda kumi voice, she can't sing
    and even if ayumiis a flop now, not koda or namie together can beat all her sellings


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