SISTAR put nuts in their mouth in a Snickers commercial

K-Pop group SISTAR are representing for chicks in K-Pop who actually look like they eat (some) food. Girls' generation have done commercials for noodles and fried chicken. But I have a hard time believing any member of that group other than Sunny would be so much as be in the same room as a plate of fried chicken. And even Sunny be looking like she ain't snacking on shit how she used to.

SISTAR make an appearance in a Snickers bar commercial, which sees them tip toe around a basketball court in tight body con dresses and Louboutin heels and take a bite out of the chocolate bar to be transformed into men. Girls' generation would never. As fun as watching them transforming into Super Junior would be. The whole thing is part of Snickers global campaign "Get some nuts". (Geddit!?) We have the same adverts air here in the UK, except we have to make do with raggedy-ass Joan Collins instead of fine ass Korean booty on a basketball court.

SISTAR had me at their birthing anthem "Push push". Granted, I've not cared about a single thing these girls have done or released since. But dat "Push push" song was everything the second those drums dropped and the girls did the same in that music video.

SISTAR featured in new CF for Snickers @ allkpop


  1. I like Sistar. I really do. But something about them just remains so tacky. I really liked their first songs but now that they've hit their stride as being "sexy" idols, it just comes off as kind of cheap. You'll see what I mean when you watch something like their recent Melon Awards performance, where they take every possible opportunity to stick their asses out.

  2. They have these commercials in America too.

    It's not about getting some nuts into a girl and turning her into a man.

    It's about people not being themselves when they are hungry so they eat a Snickers and get back into their stride.

    They use celebrities for these commercials. Male and Female. Guys turning into guys. Guys turning into girls. Girls turning into girls. Girls turning into guys.

    It's not about testicles, balls and nuts. Lulz.

    1. Snickers must be slightly 'altering' the message by reigon then. Because here in the UK, the whole "GET SOME NUTS" is very much about nuts = male genitalia.

  3. PUSH PUSH SLAYS ridiculous amounts...


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