Music video: Daichi Miura - Right now

Daichi Miura can dance his f**king ass off. But he never goes as hard as he potentially can and has done in live performances, and the editing in his music videos always cut his routines to ribbons. There were way too many spastic movements of the camera and cuts to odd close ups of Daichi when there should have just been a standard long shot showing the routine as the smoke and lights went off and Daichi out stepped dudes in 37 of the American states. But the video held well despite only having a couple of set ups and the song going on long enough to boil 6 eggs back to back.

Did I mention that he choreographed this routine himself!? All ya'll n***as can siddown.

"Right now" is one of Daichi's hottest singles in a good while. It's generic dance / house fodder, but I like it. The production was tight and Daichi turned in a good set of vocals. A return to form, as I liked NOTHING he dropped during his D.M era and was falling out of love with the Sloth faced n***a.

Daichi Miura reminds me of a male Namie Amuro. It's the dead faced / lazy swagger and the way he sings. Not to mention the bulk of his songs have been produced by Namie's most notable collaborators. Must be an Okinawan thang.


  1. He really does remind me of a male Namie (at her prime), plus a little Usher/Chris Brown. Nod bad.


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