Just because... Namie Amuro wishes everybody a miserable Christmas with "White light"

"White light" was released back in 2005 and I went mad over it. Not only did the release of "White light" bring me a bloody good Christmas song, but also "Violet sauce" which acted as the theme to the Japanese release of Sin city and was as much of a contrast to "White light" as you'd imagine it to be.

"White light" was clich├ęd and ticked every proverbial box of crafting a Christmas song. But what I loved about it was that Namie's edge and cool wasn't compromised. The song didn't feel as though it was taking Namie and bastardizing her in any way. And even though one look at Namie's face is enough to wonder if she believes in Christmas or even likes the damn holiday; it all fits together somehow.

♪ Joy to the word. Poo on da floors. If snore fall, will Santa Claus? ♪

Only Namie Amuro would record a Christmas song and then shoot a video for it looking fed up, miserable and as though she is fresh out of fucks to give anybody. Not even her own child. I don't know how Namie did it, but by standing outside a strangers window looking like a prostituting house burglar who is dead inside, she sold me Christmas. Nobody else could ever.

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  1. Dear god that dead face. It's as frigid as the weather outside.

    Can you even imagine being this cool?

    1. It must be the shit. She's beatiful, i could watch those dead eyes all day long. You know... a dead face makes you get that yen from Kose.

  2. Lol, poo on the floors. But Namie looking fed up, bitchy and bored is just lovely, she's fabulous either way.


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