Perfume go cute 'n shit for a song "Mirai no museum" *throws up in bucket*

Perfume have a new song on the way. It's the theme song to the new Doraemon film Eiga Doraemon: Nobita no himitsu dougu hakubutsukan (Museum)

The song was tailor made for this film, so it sounds way more cutsey than your average Perfume single. After the the electric sizzle of "Spring of life", the gangbang throw down "Hurly burly" and the Euro dance hollaback of "Spending all of my time", I am not about this song. I hate it. I hate everything about it. I hate it like I hated "Toki no hari".

Errbody pray this song is one half of a double A-side single or that this song will be a B-side to a Perfume single which grants eternal life and makes the whole of JPN sound like a 14 track flop fest.


  1. I consider them to be on a break right now. We got an Album then "Hurly Burly" right after.

    This is just extra fluff on the side for me.

    It really shouldn't be a Single though. Like "Boku wa Kuma".

  2. I don't know. I kinda like it. I mean, it's cute, but it's not OVERLY, GAUGE MY EYES OUT, KAI-LAN GRANDPA cute!!! And I know you don't care for the cutesy Perfume songs, J, so I won't go in on "Toki no Hari" for you. LOL

  3. don't hate because you are chunky and so not cute.

  4. It's like "communication", except way more crappy and 20x more annoying.

  5. What is wrong with cute, its what J-pop is about.

    Honestly, if you hate cute style then you shouldn't even bother trying to like J-pop. In Japanese mainstream pop culture, cute is the eternal life force, its what makes Japanese pop culture different from the rest of the world, its obsessed with cute and youth. Everyone else in the world is obsessed with sex and club music, Japan is cute and karaoke songs.

    You gots to love Japan for being unique and true to itself.

  6. I love that! Well said.


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