Ayu's "Wake me up" features in a TV commercial. Reverts back to shrieking on songs.

Ayu's sales may be on the decline, but she stays with those music tie in and endorsements. It's just as well, because robot face is going to need to recoup that extra money she's losing in declining album sales.

"Wake me up" is lifted Ayu's fifth album Again and features in a commercial where a woman is doing her best Rocky impression. Running, stretching, opening her legs, all that shit those active sporty people do at hours of the morning that I will not be caught dead in.

Ayu heard Namie's "Damage" last month and thus decided to rock her shit out for her new song.

I like the music, but Ayu's voice just made my testicles shrivel up like a prune. Every other song on Again has Ayu not sounding like a Banshee being anally raped and then she reverts back to this mess. As much as I would like Namie to take out a restraining order on rock music, I would have been all over her foray into it if she had done a song like this. It's rock, but it's still pop / dance music and is of a vibe I think Namie could ride without sounding drowned and strained as she does on "Damage". "Wake me up" just feels much more contemporary, where as "Damage" feels outdated, by numbers and as though it should be the theme to a straight to DVD Beyblade movie.


I wanna see Ayu whip her ratty weave in the music video too. None of this walking around in a field staring at Aurora Borealis, as bubbles with images of her flop relationship floating around her. I want to see Ayu (try to) WORK!


  1. The thought of ayumi working any part of her frail chested body. ........


    1. the thought you stroking your 4 inch dick and child-like physique...

      *hangs self*

    2. The thought of you getting off in an auto-erotic asphyxiatory nature via hanging over pedophilic thoughts of a 4 inch penis and child-like physique and ultimately dying alone in your room dangling from your ceiling, foamy froth upon your lips, jizz drooling from your tip.............


    3. you were once a nice person. i know this. you were fill of laughter and joy.

      then, women rejected you because you're ugly and they immediately knew about your tiny penis. that is how you became the angry person you are today.

      all i have to say to you is...



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