Just because... Crystal Kay's not-Christmas Christmas song "After love ~First boyfriend~"

Crystal had done a full on Christmas EP with Shining. A nice album which I thought I had loved. But in retrospect I think I was in love with Crystal having released something new, more than what she had actually released. Plus, I was still drunk sprung off of her latest album release at that point, All yours. The mini-album title track "Shining" didn't do much for me as a song and the music video complete with special effects which looked too cheap and too tacky even for Christmas made it hard to take seriously - as lovely as Crystal looked in the music video.

Crystal's future single release "After love ~First boyfriend~" was not intended to be a Christmas song, having released in August, but it sounded just like one. And its placement in TV commercials around the holiday period which played on the festive vibe of the song made this a Christmas song of sorts. Initially I didn't like it. Deeminh it too boring, too simple and too plain in comparison to the lavish, rich and sometimes outright aurally big singles Crystal had released up until this point. But somewhere along the way I grew to really love it. And every Christmas since its release in 2009 it's found its way onto my 'Xmas playlist'.

The video is a joke, as most of Crystal's videos back in those days were. It being boring as hell, not even playing up to the Christmas vibe a little (couldn't a n***a have gotten a scene with some snow and Crystal walking down the street in some Ugg's!?) and the video surfacing at a point when everybody was already done with the song didn't help. Even now I'm wondering why I bothered to embed the video and not just fling a music player in the post instead. The video adds nothing to the song what-so-ever. Crystal looks nice though.

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  1. LULZ.

    These periodic reminders be keeping her irrelevancy more relevant than she is.

    Even in memory she cant come.

    Someone have some MERCY and take her out to pasture. Explain to her what is going to happen. And do it.

  2. ^Innerise LOL How dare you liken my bitch to a bovine.

    Besides Crystal looking stunning and on point, this video was so forgettable and horribly shot. The song has always just been... there to me. It's something I play as background music if that.


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