Music video: Girls' generation take a step into the past for "Dancing queen".

The story behind this song is quite an interesting one *crickets beat box in the grass* Okay, it's not that interesting. But it kinda is. Both the song and video were recorded and shot back in 2008 as Girls' generation's comeback song. But due to copyright issues, the song was shelved and "Gee" was chosen instead. And the rest as they say, is history!

This begs the question, Had Girls' generation released this ripped off mess, would they be as big as they are now? I can't see time-lines like that Etro bitch, those little dying ho's and that murderous n***a in Final Fantasy XIII-2 so I can't make that call. But "Gee" continues to be their most well known and most parodied song to date, and features one of their most iconic videos. "Dancing queen" and "Gee" share the same video concepts, but which one popped better? Ya-huh. For those who didn't follow K-Pop prior and had no idea who these girls were, "Gee" was a catalyst for many and set the beginning of the hallyu wave. "Dancing queen" would have caught attention as a rite of it sampling a song which was popular in the UK at the time and was catching on slowly in the US. But it wouldn't have had the level of virality which "Gee" had.

"Dancing queen" isn't a bad song. I prefer it to "Mercy", as I can't stand Duffy or her voice. But it's not at fun or as catchy as your standard Girls' generation single. I cuss out their shit for being typical, but right now that's what I want from these girls. I need me a song which is going to have me sprung how "Tell me your wish (Genie)" did.

The snippet of "I got a boy" sounds promising. Can't wait to see these girls try and dance in time to those fast beats. Not too sold on the image concept though. It looks very f(x). In the same way the song snippet sounds very f(x). Perhaps this whole comeback concept was supposed to be for f(x), but was used on Girls' generation instead. We know how SM love to recycle like their carbon footprint is being monitored daily *cue Dr. Who theme music* Then there's also this...

They would make Sunny wear that blasted cap. I bet the poor girl has no idea what that shit on it says and will end up taking the blame for in-appropriating foul language in a music video which minors have easy access to. This bullying of Sunny in the group needs to stop. First they f**k up her hair and now this.


  1. I like it better than Mercy, too, but I didn't know it was recorded that long ago. No wonder Sunny looks tolerable, unlike now! Seriously, they might as well replace Sunny with Amber now. Guess SM figured SNSD needed a possible-lesbo stereotype in the group to keep up in South Korea, now! LOL

  2. FUCK YES to the Etro reference.
    As a side to this: Square N*ggax need to hurry and let us know when Lightning Returns coming cos...I'm not about that "and-they-all-died-THE-END" life...

    As with SNSD, all I can say is I stan for Hyoyeon and that is all. The rest remain irrelevant to me at certain times.

  3. I actually like Duffy and liked Mercy, so this made me vomit in my mouth.

    But then again, most SNSD songs do.

  4. Girls' Generation.

    About to be giving every other Korean Act a Vacation.


  5. oh. my. this is...different. i actually prefer "mercy" as i don't feel like my lovely ladies have the personality to pull a song like this. they needed to be a bit "rough around the edges" to make me believe it. it was all too sugary...

    it definitely lacked the catchiness and i agree they may not have found such major success with "gee" if this had been released before. i'm super ready for "i got a boy" to give me new year's life - it's sounds great! i'm hoping the video is fire like "the boys" because everything else since has been jank.

    call me basic, but it's about time miss sunny got some attention on something other than her hair. i LOVE the short look on her because it distinguishes her from everyone else in SNSD and other groups. i stan for her. period.


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