Kim Tae Hee and 2PM in a bakery...

It's cool to see the 2PM guys finally getting some fun gigs again. I'm all heartbeated out. There's only so much moodiness, cheer leader formation, wierd pony tails and roly-poly's I can take.

Wooyoung and Taecyeon's hair continues to shape shift. Every time these two step out they have some drastically different hair style! I see Wooyoung be holding onto that "Heartbeat" and 1:59PM eye liner, and Junsu be going full on with the mascara. Revlon need to holla at the both of them and make some endorsement shit happen.

I hope 2PM got paid some dollar, some won and a pound for this shit. I wouldn't fake laugh, skip around a bakery and do some goofy dance unless somebody wrote me a cheque with at least 5 figures and guaranteed me some alone time with Tiffany of Girls' generation.