Just because... Visual merchandising in a Japanese CD shop: The sabotage of Ayumi Hamasaki

One thing about Japan when to comes to music stores is that unless you are a big name, record stores will NOT care about you. They will dedicate an entire wall, a table outside the shop, a whole fucking floor to your CD if you are a popular artist; which is entirely understandable. But also frustrating if you are looking for a particular CD by an artist who isn't either Ayumi Hamasaki, AKB48 or Arashi. More so when you ask a member of staff where "Sorry, can you tell me where [Insert flop artist]'s new album is?" and they can't tell you.

On my last trip to Japan, EVERYWHERE was plastered with Ayu's A Summer best. I ain't got time for that shit. So I decided to do some visual merchandising in Tsutaya to help the Queen Les Miserables of Okinawa push more units of Uncontrolled.

I am the reason A Summer best did not go to number 1 and Namie owned the ORICON charts for weeks on end with her Engrish classic.


  1. http://24.media.tumblr.com/7f122ae13dcc460eaa89d5d7a4effcbe/tumblr_mjgby8oKEA1s85mjto1_250.gif

    1. OH MY F-j82920-dgkijustcant290--


    2. http://25.media.tumblr.com/4f4fdb751aa1df50c5bd93dc33091d0e/tumblr_mhtk2tKN5W1r04rqmo1_500.gif

  2. Hahaha! You just slapped that Namie CD on that display! You know Ayu had someone to slapped that mess down! LOL


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