Not a good look...

Can you see it? Who am I kidding. Of course you can see it! My future unborn son and my dead Grandfather can see it!! I'm talking about Brandy's ghetto hairline. When is Brandy and her stylist going to realize that bangs are her best friend?! There's no excuse for this shit at all. I'd expect this from Britney, but not Brandy. Everybody involved in the taking of this picture should be slapped in the face and have to do community service for letting this atrocity go on display.

Brandy was wrong for not fixing her shit up. Surely she had access to a mirror and saw the pictures after they were taken. Did she really not notice how messed up her hairline was? The photographer must be some low pay newbie, because even Brandy's 6 year old daughter would've noticed that her hairline looks ragged. Surely he must've have seen that hairline through the lens - how could you not!? Plus the stylist who took a phone call mid way through putting the wig on Brandy's head was wrong for leaving her to be shot with a lacefront that's 5 miles back from her forehead.

In more Brandy news, her single "Right here (Departed)" is pretty much a flop. It's not getting a great deal of rotation on radio and it's sitting rather comfortably at the bottom of every Billboard chart it's on. And then there's the issue of Beyoncé and Britney rolling out albums near to Brandy's. The solution? Every Brandy stan go cop 3 copies of Human on the day of release and download her single off of iTunes. Brandy's clearly going to need all the help she can get in the upcoming month.