Rodney Jerkins speaks on Michael

Super producer Rodney Jerkins sat with CNN to talk about Michael Jackson. If you're wondering "Who the f**k is he?" and wondering why CNN sat with him in particular, then SHAME on you...

Rodney Jerkins got to do what every other producer in the game today wishes they could've done: Write and produce for Michael Jackson on new material and have it release.

Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins was the primary producer of the 'it wasn't brilliant, but was still alright' album Invincible. He also worked with Janet on her Discipline album. How many producers can say they worked with one Jackson, let alone two!? You could probably count them on one hand. I can only think of 2. Do not get it twisted about Rodney Jerkins. Dude is hot. I just wish he'd be more consistent with his sound as he was in the 90's.

I was thinking today about Brandy. (You'll see where I'm going with this...) She got to do have her vocals feature on a track with Michael on 2 occasions: she contributed vocals to Michael's song "Unbreakable" and he returned the favour on her song "It's not worth it". I also got to thinking about Rodney's work with Michael and Brandy, and it kinda occurred to me. A fair bit of the material on Human actually has a Michael vibe about it. Listen to songs like "Camouflage" with its choir inspired ending, anthemic songs like "Long distance", the big empowering song "Human" and the ode for world love "Warm it up (with love)". It might just be me, but I could imagine Michael on a lot of Human's material. Seriously. Imagine him on "A capella (Something's missing)"...


  1. Recently, a thought popped into my head. A lot of songs from the past decade or so sound like MJ demos...


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