Yet another "Abracadabra" parody...

Yet another 'Abracadabra' parody
You are about to witness what has to be one of the most disturbingly good piss takes of Brown eyed girls' "Abracadabra" to date. And that includes that of the Dirty eyed girls. Tight Lycra, big jelly shakes, flat sandals and armpit hair is only half of it...

If I was such an opinionated bastard with so much to say all the time about everything, I'd be lost for words. I cried with laughter when I first saw this. The thing with Korean spoofs is that they always walk that perfect line between being hilariously funny and actually really good. Effort when into them outfits. The guy stepping in as Jea looks like he had some fitting troubles with his left sleeve though, because that netting was tearing up every which way. The guys worked the choreography really well. The hip swinging was like watching a sack of bricks go back and forth, but everything else was so good I can't find fault with it.

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