Music video: Big Bang - Lollipop (Part 2)

This is an upgrade from the first "Lollipop" song, which was just terrible and made me wanna take a fork to my speakers. I actually do like this song, the beat is hot and the guys all sound great on it. I wonder if 50 Cent's "In the club" was noted in the song credits for G-Dragon's use of ♪ We gon' party like it's ya birthday ♪ He should hope so. YG can't be getting caught up in another plagiarism scandal.

The K-Pop game has no shortage of videos which feature guys in girls skinny jeans and hi-tops, dancing on shiny floors in front of flashing lights. But Big Bang's "Lollipop (Part 2)" video was still cool. Big Bang could have done with a chick who can actually work a booty though. The girl in this video looked lost and had as much rhythm as a tablespoon.

I wanna know how come TOP has all the swagger and flyness that he has, yet has not dropped a solo mini or LP album yet...