The Bi~ΟΠ~iC woman's interview with Fuse TV

Christina Aguilera talks with Fuse TV | Interview
Christina did an interview with Fuse tv where she got asked some really good questions and answered every single one. We all know chicks like Beyoncé would have had questions marks above their head like a soldier from Metal Gear Solid if she'd gotten asked half the shit Christina did, and it's not like Christina's Einstein.

I found the interview boring. But I always find Christina interviews boring. You often know what Christina is going to say before she opens her mouth to say it. And she didn't really give anything. Bionic? You're damn right. Her look was nice though. I've said it each and every time, but I dig how Christina's looks are in complete keeping with whatever album she has out at the time. It just helps it all tie together nicely. It's just a shame about the music this time around though...