Music video: Cee-Lo green - F*ck you

I love, love, LOVE this song. And the video is a winner too.

The chorus is a complete kiss off to those who think they're good for somebody. And what better way to get that across in a song than to throw an expletive in there. Simply put: F**k you. Gotta love it.

I'm ashamed to admit I caught onto the awesomeness of Cee-Lo Green really late. Only when Gnarls Barkley emerged did I start digging into the Goodie Mob joints and following Cee-Lo some-what. Not only is he able to give himself the goods, but he pens some hot songs for other artists too. I still love me Kelis' "Lil' star". And despite the song flopping and not being Amerie's best, I still dig "Take control". That joint always makes me wanna test the footwork.

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  1. L...M...A...O!!! Oh, bless you for gracing me with this! XD

    The trio of ladies popping up out of nowhere had my dying. "Aint that some shit!"

    "OOOH, I really hate 'cho ass right now."



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