Music video: Travis McCoy featuring Jason Mraz - Rough water

I don't have no time for Gym glass heroes or Travis McFlurry, or whatever dis n***as name is. I only posted this video because it features the face of somebody familiar to me, whom happens to be somebody I adore. Crystal Kay.

Crystal had Instagrammed pictures of her and Travis McNugget a while back. We speculated that it may have been for a possible collabo. Turns out it was nothing more than a case of CK auditioning to play the miscellaneous fine ass love interest in Travis McNappy-meals' music video.

I'm not sure how this gig came about, but it won't amount to anything for Crystal other than a guest feature from Travis on a song of hers. Scrolling through the comments section of this YouTube video indicates that only 2 of the 140,000 users who watched this knew who Crystal Kay was / is, or even commented on her - which is always a good sign for an artist trying to break into America.

Rough water is what home girl will be washing her face with unless she does something about her music career.