Kanye's interview on Big boys neighbourhood

He's an egotistical n***a, but I guess that's what makes Kanye Kanye. 808's & heartbreak will probably end up reaching a much wider audience than his previous albums due to the direction he's taken the songs we've heard so far. I know some of my Indie stanning friends are all over "Love lockdown" because of how different it is and because it isn't what you'd pigeon hole as 'Hip hop'. I for one am tired of rapping ass n***a's. So I hope Kanye comes different with this album.

I truly am in complete love with "Coldest winter". The song is absolute fire!! I don't think I've ever played a Kanye joint this much since "The new workout plan" and "Addiction".


  1. I really liked this interview. I've been annoying by his attitude in the past, but I really liked this.

    And about coming different, I think just from the songs we've heard so far, it sounds like he's definitely going to come different.


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