Music video: Girls' generation - Gee

I liked how the girls were depicted as mannequin's in a window. That about sums up the group: manufactured. I feel wrong calling them a girl group. They're more like a clan, totalling 9 members! Let's see how long they last. Ain't no group of nine girls gonna last more than a couple of years - at least not with the original members. Back stage fall out's and stiletto beat downs are in the futures of every girl group. Though presumably the girls of Girls' generation would think twice before doing anything that could jeopardize their careers. I doubt the manager of the Girls generation would not think twice about switching chicks out the group and replacing them with the quickness. It's not like there's anything strikingly individual about any of them. Although I wouldn't mind being stuck in an elevator with all nine of 'em.

"Gee"'s video is a good 'un. It's nothing amazing or ground breaking, but it's was fun to watch with all the cuteness, playfulness, bright colours, legs on display, sexiness and booty shaking.

And the song? I love it. The beat is absolute fire!! And even though I do not understand a word of the lyrics, I found myself semi-singing along to the chorus. I don't think I've ever been so sprung on a K-pop record before. I thought the Wonder girls' "Nobody" was hot, but Girls' generation's "Gee" shits all over that! The girls did a great job with this song, but as I listen to it I keep thinking about how an artist like Crystal Kay would've shut this whole song down. Her vocals would've set the song off in a big way. Even the likes of Amerie would've done wonders with this song, as the 80's vibe would've suited her to a tee.

This song is my jam right now. I bloody love it!


  1. I have to agree J! This song is catchy. I wasn't a big listener of SNSD before, but this song finds a way to get stuck in your head.

    I wish the dancing was more sophisticated than the cutesy stuff they went with, but I understand that their image is strictly bubblegum pop. It just kills me to see them play up the cute act so much! And how there is NO way to distinguish these chicks from one another. But whatever, Gee is a hit.

    I agree that Crystal Kay would have shut it down though.

  2. I agree . A hotter routine definitely would've tightened up the video. The song has such a beat on it that they could've done a really good routine to this. It also would've looked cool because there would've been 9 girls all doing it.

  3. I liked it, until she started singing, lol. The beat is nice though.

  4. Many thanks for comment on my LJ - twas very kind of you!

    Not my kind of music but I can see this song on Dance Dance Revolution; double the speed, stick some poor sod on the dance mat and you have yourself a 'LOL' moment.


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