Music video: Jesse McCartney featuring Ludacris - How do you sleep?

Cool video! It's simple, but the concept was fun. Not what I was expecting from the video at all. I like how Jesse wasn't trying to come off like he's all hood 'n shit. That would've made me throw up in my mouth.

Jesse McCartney's third studio album Departure will re-release in April as Departure: recharged. It's this version of the album which will contain the version of "How do you sleep" which features Ludacris. As Luda always does on his guest features: he killed his verse.

A tid bit for you, "How do you sleep" was written and produced by Sean Garrett, who also makes an appearance in this video. He's the black ogre with the BK triple whopper lips in the car that pulls along with all the girls around the 1:23 mark. I know some BoA fans are wondering who the hell he is, so there you go! He's written and co-produced many songs over the past couple of years, most notably for Beyonce.

Departure is a surprisingly decent album with some good songs. It's a shame it didn't do better.

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