Shawty what yo' name eee-yiz!?

A couple of choreographers by the names of J.R Taylor and Mike Franklin decided to put their talents towards knocking up a routine and mock music video of Beyonce's "Video phone". The end result is funny in a low budget, ghetto kinda way, but actually rather cool.

Damn! That was hot. That n***a in the tutu looked all kinds of wrong, but he kinda made the video.

I really liked the dancing. It was nothing ground breaking, but the routine was hot. The whole thing looked like it cost more than the "Single ladies" and "Diva" video combined. The originality Beyonce came with on "Single ladies" has been run into the ground now. So you know if she was to go and shoot a video for "Video phone" (which she probably will as part of some I am... Sasha Fierce music video anthology) that she'll have only 2 ladies behind her and that the video will be saturated in black and white, with some dude off screen tilting a floodlight up and down.

I have to confess, that despite hating "Video phone" at first, I do quite like it now. The song is throwaway, but the song is catchy and the beat is seriously hot.


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