Ayaka is married?!

Hiro & AyakaJapanese singer songwriter Ayaka and actor Hiro Mizushima married in February!! How am I only hearing about this now!? Oh yeah. Japanese celebs keep their dating and marriages on the ultimate down low. They recently held a press conference to announce and confirm their marriage.

Ayaka and Hiro. Woulda thought it? They don't seem like a likely couple. But then again, what is a likely couple these days? When you break it down you see there are many paralells between the two and where the attraction comes in. They're both around the same age (only 2 years between them), both have their own successful and still blossoming careers, they're not plastered all over magazines every other day, both keep their lives pretty private and are both good looking. It's no secret Hiro is a pretty boy. Ayaka on the other hand is pretty, but not straight sexy. She could be a big ol' bomb of sex. But she down plays it to the ground by not combing her hair and wearing clothes that look like they came from a swap meet in Nagoya. She sometimes looks like a homeless tramp. Part of me would love to see Ayaka's low key innocent look tainted with some long arse press-on nails, a long straight weave with some highlights, lots of expensive jewellery, lip gloss and her legs and titties on display. Just once.

On the music front, Ayaka will release a double A-side single on April 22, featuring the songs "Yume wo mikata ni" and "Koi kogarete mita yume". With a new single on the way, there's every chance she could be releasing a new album later this year. I can rule out the prospect of a bastard 'Best' album, as she's only 2 albums deep in her career. Although I wouldn't let that stop a Japanese record label putting one out.

Ayaka was diagnosed with Graves' disease - so she will not be promoting heavily over the next couple of years. Bitch best not go and die. Her music is too good for her to die young, plus she's only recently married. Shit like this is what J-drama's are made of. Girl has a hot career, lives a nice life, gets married, is diagnosed with a disease and then ends up pregnant on her death bed despite being told years ago she wouldn't be able to conceive. She dies whilst giving birth to her child. A child that the father is forever conflicted over loving: as the child killed his wife, yet is the only living connection and extension of her. You can tell I watch J-drama's WAY too much. But you have to admit - that shit was good. I just hope it doesn't become a reality for the newly weds.

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  1. You are so right. I'm currently studying abroad in Japan and every female 15 years and up was devasted that Hiro married ayaka. That is, until they had that press conference and hiro came off like a knight in shining armor!
    It is just like a drama. LMAO!

    I'm glad you noticed ayaka dressed like a tramp most of the time too. I thought I was the only one.

  2. I hope she doesn't die too. I love her songs.


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