Music video: BoA featuring Sean Garrett - I did it for love

BoA looks correct. THIS is the image that BoA's people should've been pushing from the start. Vamped up, without being overly suggestive and ho'd out. And I gotta give it to the girl: she was dancing her arse off. A hot routine which showed she can move. It's been a while since we've seen BoA really dance. And "No!" That Riverdance bullshit she was pulling in the version B "Eat you up" music video does not count. I was liking the little homages to Michael and Janet. With the whole oft-used "Miss you much" chair dealio and "Smooth criminal" leaning.

The video itself was boring though, due to the lack of costume changes and setups. The whole thing reminded me of Britney's "Stronger" music video (which was directed by the same man who directed "I did it for love" - Joseph Khan), only with greater emphasis on the dancing. It eludes me what took to long to release the full length video when the minute and half teaser has been doing the rounds for over 2 months. All that was added was water.

As hot as BoA is in the music video, the song is still garbage. It sounds rough and un-mastered. I can't believe nobody stepped in and told Sean Garrett to fix up the song. Or better still, told him the song was rubbish and gone with another single instead. No beat switches, no melody changes, chord changes - nothing. The song just flatlines for 3 minutes. "Eat you up" was better. I know nobody is going to side with me on this one, but I'm gonna be a soldier and stand firm in my preference to "Eat you up" over "I did it for love". Sean Garrett was unecessary in the song and the video too. Dude's voice is annoying, and he looks like a block head gorilla with a BK double whopper burger for lips.

It would've been cool if BoA did this song with Se7en. The 2 of them would look hot together and the dancing would've been insane.

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  1. I'm with you on that, Eat You Up was better.

  2. I'm definatly with was Eat u up was much better this song was a hot mess and the video was dry, wasn't feeling the Rihanna umbrella dancing in the rain. Less homage to britney, janet, rihanna and michel more straight jack. Some concept wouldn't have hurt. Sean Garrett needed to fade into the background and remove himself from this song. I guess they wanted a black face to get the 'Urban' crowd to take notice of a Korean artist and Garrett was all they could afford. Poor choice. Shoulda left this garbage on the album and gone with a single like Did ya, with a hot video that single woulda done well. As for this one I wish it no luck. At this rate BoA has no chance of breaking the US. Shame.

  3. Wow, the video FINALLY showed it's face!

    The ending was a complete rip-off of Rihanna's umbrella, but yes I'm impressed with the dancing. Just too simple of a concept, again the video beared no relation to the song, no BoA begging for Sean's attention/affection or anything, it was like the 2 didn't know they were in the same room!

  4. "he looks like a block head gorilla with a BK double whopper burger for lips"- this right here had me crying XD

    EYU > IDIFL any day. I really think they should have released IDIFL first and THEN EYU. It would have had a bigger impact to me. This video is cool nonetheless.

  5. "Eat you up" was just an okay song to me. It still is. But it grows on me more with each listen, even now. You don't realize how alright a song it is until you hear generic crap like "I did it for love".

    I think "Eat you up" should've been followed up QUICKLY by "I did it for love" as a second single. "Did ya" should be a third single, with "Obsessed" being a fourth.

    To my anonymous commentors: Use an alias! So I at least have something to refer to you by. :)

  6. IDidItForCheapSex26 May 2009 at 09:17

    good lord she has never looked this good in her korean or japanese career. boa is hot as hell but this song suxs! D: and the guy has a nice voice but a little bit ugly. incredible dance though


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