Ciara's goes for "Work" and "Like a surgeon"

"Work" and "Like a surgeon" are set to be Ciara's next singles from Fantasy ride - dropping as a double A-side. Ciara best hope they make some form of impact on the charts, because she won't be able to pass a double A-side off as "Oh, it wasn't really a single" how she did with "Go girl" and tried to do with "Never ever".

"Work" should've been a single 8 months ago. But at least she's in a better position to have it blow up at this point in time. Plus, the extra time enabled Danja to hook her up with a much hotter version of the song (just when we thought the song couldn't get no better!) I need to be hearing this song in clubs and on radio. The song is bananas! But with it being a Danja produced single, it'll probably flop and get cop blocked by "Like a surgeon". Danja just can't seem to catch a break with singles these days - no matter how correct he comes.

"Like a surgeon" is a decent song and will make a hot summer single. I can't listen to it too often because it gets boring after a while. There's only so many euphemisms between hospital procedures and sex I can take in one song. Plus Ciara doesn't sound sultry or sexy at all. But it'll act as a cool companion to "Work" - showing the two ends of the spectrum Ciara rides pretty well. Plus, we know Ciara will not mess around with the video. It'll probably get a fly, glossy, sexy video that is 200% hotness and swag, whilst "Work" gets some shit that looks like it was filmed in the loading bay of a Wendy's - with Ciara not going as hard with the dancing as she could and should.

Ciara's lucky she's got this chance. Because her album easily could've bombed. She owes Justin Timberlake BIG time. Dude saved her fine arse with "Love Sex Magic". She had better make sure that she rolls out properly for the video to "Work". I wanna see Ciara pull moves in a way we've not seen before. I'd also like Danja to make a cameo in the music video. Why? Just because!


  1. I wish you'd sit ya dumb azz down.

  2. Danja be up in the clubs gettin drunk all the time. He deserves to be in that Work video. And, I better see a goddamn river dance.

  3. Danja actually has had two single blow up this year. Pink's "Sober" and Keri Hilson's "Knock You Down" have been Top 20 hits! But I agree he usually has his singles blocked like a mofo! I am looking at you Danity Kane and "Bad Girl"



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