Album review: Brown eyed girls - Sound G

Album review: Brown eyed girls - Sound G
I'm not sure what G sounds for in this albums title. But it should stand for 'Generic'. Which is the watch word for Brown eyed girls third studio album. I was hypnotized by Ga-in's hips in the "Abracadabra" video into checking this album out. And after listening, I wonder why I bothered. Because nothing on this album gets much better than "Abracadabra".

All of the songs on Sound G sound like they're either trying too hard or sound outdated. You should not go into this album expecting the songs to sound as on trend and as tight as "Abracadabra", or you'll be seriously disappointed. "Glam girl" sounds like a bastardized hybrid of Nancy Sinatra and a Pussycat dolls song. "Poison" sounds like an R&B wanna-be song produced in the 90's, and not a good one. The song sounds way too dated. Even Miryo's hot raps can't salvage the wreckage. "Strange work" sounds like a song from a Super Mario game. I swear I heard a song like it in Super Mario Sunshine or Mario Paint. I thought the song was a joke when I first heard it, and that it'd switch into some dirty synths, finger snaps and auto-tune. But nope. Super Mario style beats for 3 and half minutes with a distinct lack of vocal energy. The Brown eyed girls first single from the album "Candy man" sounds like it's trying too hard with it's vibe. Stomping kicks, basslines and synths are worked into this song to get you swaying, but it fails like a dumb-ass on a exam. As with "Posion" Miryo's raps are hot, but aren't enough to elevate this song from being 'Meh'.

As seems to be obligatory for every Korean CD, the album features a couple of ballads, which sound incredibly out of place. "Cannot go" and "I'll do well" aren't bad songs. They're in fact rather nice and showcase the girls' vocals really well, especially J.A's; and shows they can actually get through a song on the album without having to resort to auto-tune and pitch correction. But the songs do feel tacked on and out of place. There's nothing wrong with having an album full of uptempo pop songs if the album is calling for it, and I wish Korean artists and A&R's would take note of this. Not every album has to have a ballad or two chucked in.

"Abracadabra" is the album's best song, hands down, without a doubt, straight up. The song is like swine flu: infectious and deadly. "Moody night" is hotness, dowsed in the same sultry, sexy and vamped up gloss that makes "Abracadabra" hot - only with a slower tempo. It's a shame this style wasn't worked throughout the whole album, as electro-pop with a bit of a dark streak suits Brown eyed girls to an absolute T. Miryo can rap on anything and make it work, and J.A has that voice that can be sprinkled onto a hook or in a verse and just fit. But it's Narsha and Ga-in who benefit from the electro-pop songs the most, as it highlights their bad-arsery - where as the other more R&B and generic sounding songs don't. The girls really should've gone for an album in the same vein as Britney's Blackout. No holds barred electro synth pop. It would've worked wonders for them and their new image.

Sound G is not that good an album. I'm being kind to it, because I like Brown eyed girls, and "Abracadabra" has me so sprung. "Abracadabra" is definitely the best song on this album. And it even features the instrumental with added backing vocals so you can karaoke to it and hip swang until your thighs ache. Unless you stan hard for these girls, I'd say just cop the single and leave this album alone.

3 out of 10
Album highlights:
■ Abracadabra J's fave
■ Moody night
■ I'll do well


  1. Yeah, you're right.

    Abracadra is seriously the album's best song but I also like Addiction and for some reason, Addiction sounds a lot like Pokémon's Lavender Town + Lake Acuity + Eterna Forest put together. That's probably the only reason why I got it - Pokémon.

    If you don't believe me, search it up on YouTube.

  2. I still don't know about this album. "Abracadabra and "Moody Night" are undoubtedly the best on the album, but I don't think I'd give it a 3/10. Probably a 5 or 6.

    I'm actually partial to "Candy Man". The problem with it though, is that it has such a big band sound, but tries to be club electronic, and it doesn't work. If they just could've scraped that theme for that song and brought in the trombones and bass I would've loved it.

    The song "Strange Work" does sound like a Mario song! I don't think the vocals are meant to be powerful, though- they go for cute and it works, but then the rap part detracts even from that mood. The song just is out of place on the album anyway, as are the ballads- which are quite nice, as you said, but they don't work in well musically to the rest of the piece.

    The fact that it's BEG performing it though automatically makes it at least decent in my book. They are a talented group of women, and their skills in any song would improve it even if it sucked.


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