Music video: Brown eyed girls - Abracadabra (Stage version)

The dancing scenes are so well shot, choreographed, cool and well edited that the Brown eyed girls could've gotten away with this edit as the main video and still won me over. The additional scenes just helped give the video that bit of shock value. Although Ga-in's titty caress during the break down is shock enough. I'm still surprised at how a K-pop chick let her titties get caressed upwards and then downwards on screen by another chick in a music video. Ga-in's a G!

Unlike many dance edits of K-Pop songs, it's cool this version was actually edited. Dance / stage versions of K-Pop videos consist of just one take with NO changes in camera angles at all. As was the case with Girls generation's "Gee" and Super Junior's "Sorry, sorry" dance music videos.

Brown eyed girls did the damn thing with this music video, well and truly. I've watched it so many times already and I just love it each and every time. Hot look. Hot choreography. Hot swagger.

Watch it and love it: The Brown eyed girls full "Abracadabra" music video


  1. Green beans, love them, they're your fantagy, yeah!

    I have been loving the hell out of this song for far longer than I should have. Still great.

  2. I love this song and now after learning KARA - Wanna and Son Dambi - AMOLED, I can start learning this dance now.

  3. OH.MY.GOD. ga-in IS a G! i came over to check this out to see narsha in her element. that breakdown at 2:00 got me hot and i don't even play for that team! how did they get away with that - that ish would be racy even here in the states! DAMN! she betta werq!!!


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