2PM get close in W magazine

2PM in W magazine Korea 2PM in W magazine Korea

Nick Khun really looks like he wants Taecyeon to bend him over, Junsu looks like he wants to kiss the hell out of Junho, and Wooyoung looks like he wants what's lurking in Junho's pants. These pictures are enough to make you think the 2PM boys are f**king! These boys intimacy knows no bounds. Which means their job here is done! Not many male groups could pull shots like these off: tittering that fine sexuality line whilst retaining (some) manliness. But the 2PM boys manage to. Smouldering and pretty hot. They look super cool. Even in their loose knitted Grandad jumpers.


  1. Sometimes your comments are a little...perverted. Lol! Oh well, it's your blog and article.

    You forgot about some of the other pictures but I still think Junsu and Taecyeon are hot.

  2. I'm calling it like I see it. I'm not the one that directed this photo shoot and told these boys to get hands on and all up in each others faces. *lol*

    I didn't forget about the others pictures. I just chose to post these ones because they highlight the 'togetherness' of the group.

  3. i agree with random j! lol
    its obvious thats the reaction the photographer wanted lol
    any way who cares? guy-girl guy-guy girl-girl
    like kumi siad "its all love" :P . . .


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