New music: Crystal Kay - Over and over, Step by step, Private dancers & Helpless night

New music: Crystal Kay - Over and over, Step by step, Private dancers & Helpless night
With Crystal's second Best album in stores, we now have the new material which see's Crystal collaborating with some of the J-game's big names. You can listen to the new tracks after the jump.

Listen: Over and over

Listen: Step by step

Listen: Private dancers (featuring Mummy-D & Kreva)

Listen: Helpless night (featuring Jin Akanishi)

Best of Crystal Kay (Limited edition)
© 2009 Epic records, Sony BMG music entertainment Japan

"Over and over" is CRACK! It's so good to hear it in high quality after having to deal with that nasty radio rip for so long. I absolutely love this song. It really should've been a single and gotten a fly ass music video with flashing lights, CGI and shit. I always love when Crystal works with M-Flo collectively or individually. There's also a real sense of music chemistry between them that's so strong that Crystal may as well be an honorary member of M-Flo.

"Step by step" is straight shooting hotness because it's your typical CK crack. Strings, sweet melodies, a hot bounce, a chorus that soars along with Crystal's vocals and perfect production. It's good to finally hear Nakata's production under and over laying a female vocalist who can actually sing, and whose vocals aren't auto-tuned and vocoded completely. Capsule and Perfume's music may as well be sung by robots. You can hear the robot voice throughout this, but Crystal shines through. Hot stuff.

"Private dancer" isn't all that good. The song borders on whackness. It's just so monotonous and long! It's worth checking out for Crystal's rap though, which puts them Mummy-D and Kreva J-n***a's to SHAME! I knew Crystal had flow after "I like it" and "Reeewind", but I had no idea Crystal could come tight with the flow. She sounds hot. I'd be her private dancer if she kicked game at me how she does on this song.

The much talked about collaboration with Johnny's bitch Jin Akanishi of KAT-TUN "Helpless night" is really nice. It would've been better without Jin on it though. His vocals sound really iffy alongside Crystal's. He doesn't sing so much as he wails. If Kaname was to feature on a song of Crystal's, it should have been this one - as his voice goes nicely with her's. Crystal honestly could've carried this song on her lonesome. As nice as "Helpless night" is, I'm still pissed we didn't get "Wonder", as it sounded hot and Jin sounded better on it.


  1. Thanks, I've wanting to hear these tracks.

  2. I really enjoyed all the songs on the album. I thought Crystal's rap on Private Dancers is awesome.

    And Jin was totally unnecessary. But that is most of Johnny's Entertainment. Maybe it'll boost her album sales.

  3. She makes auto-tune hot again!! I love all four tracks with a passion!

  4. "Over and over" and "Step by step" are my SHAT!! Why these weren't released as a double A-side, we'll never know.

  5. Nait Phoenix said...
    "I love all four tracks with a passion!"

    Me too, me too!


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