Shakira performs "She Wolf" and "Did it again" on Jimmy Kimmel live

Shakira live on Jimmy Fallon
Shakira took her fine ass self to 'Jimmy Kimmel live' to perform her hit single "She wolf" and a new song from her album of the same name. It's worth watching just to see Shakira's body alone. Fit, fit, fit! This lady would get bodied. SERIOUSLY bodied.

She Wolf

Did it again

I'm dissapointed in Shakira. She mimed. There wasn't much of an excuse for her miming when she wasn't really going all out with the dancing. What excuse did she have for miming the verses when she was standing still and just cocking out her hip? Shakira is better than this. If she was going to mime then she should've at least danced her arse off.

"She wolf" should annoy me by now, but I still like it. And "Did it again" is sounding real nice. I just love the drums and the pace. Pharrell Williams hooked her up right. And you know Shakira will be dancing like a crazed maniac in the music video. Oh, didn't you know? This will be her next single.

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  1. I saw that performance on TV and even my mom said she was sexy.


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