The SNSD-bots sing "Genie" off key...

The SNSD-bots appeared a Gag concert: a Korean sketch comedy show where they often have popular names in K-Pop performing and making slight arses of themselves. Hence why at certain parts in this performance the girls spout some low key nonsense. No doubt anti's and haters will say "Bitches sounded off key without trying". But I can't hate. The performance was good and actually pretty funny.

The SNSD-bot troop were a bot down because Taeyeon was absent because she was DJ'ing for a radio show. And despite what some may say, "Genie" doesn't immediately fail without her. Although I think Tiffany would've been a better choice to open the song than Jessica, as she has a lower and stronger voice than Jessica's. Plus, she opens her own verse with exactly the same line, and I think she sounds better than Taeyeon when she does. Just something about the way Tiffany works the "Sowoneul malhaebwaaaaaaaaa" that I like. Tiffany sings it with some sex.

I wish these girls would take a break and (for the love of God) go eat some food! They are all looking way too skinny. Jessica always looks like she's going to collapse and Yoona looks like a corpse. SooYoung looks good in the face, but them legs are like HB pencils.


  1. J, I'll never understand how you managed to learn all of their names. I'm usually really great with band member's names, but I can't for the life of me learn these chick's!


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