Beyoncé's attempt to check on Lil' Mama

The Beyondroid should've beat Lil' Mama DOWN. Creole style. The B-droid is a whole lotta woman with enough weave on her head to make a Snuffleupagus look bald. She should've sat on Lil' Mama and then smothered her face in weave until she couldn't breathe.

Lil' Mama's appearance was funny. But it was also disrespectful. She should have respected the fact that the performance was Jay-Z and Alicia's alone and kept her Lil' Bow Wow lookin' mug off the stage. I'm sure she wouldn't have appreciated somebody running up onto the stage during a set of hers. Although I guess she'd be grateful to be on a stage, PERIOD. Ain't no TV networks try'na get Lil' Mama to perform for them. Whatever remnants of a career she had are pretty much dead and gone now. Appearing uninvited on stage at the VMA's has so far been her career highlight, along with appearing on a remix of an Avril Lavinge's "Girlfriend".


  1. oh my gawd lol you could tell Beyonce would have beat her ass down if she hadnt skipped on to the stage lol
    WTF was she thinkin?!? you work in hip-hop and crash Jay-Z's stage?!? thats like asking never to work again :P . . . dumb bitch!

  2. i CAN'T STAND lil mama. she's such a cockroach.

    beyonce was probably just reeling over the audacity of black people. can't take them anywhere! you could see when she threw her hands up she was just like "wtf?!" embarrassing.


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