Jo Kwon and Brian: Battle of the diva's

Jo Kwon and Brian: Battle of the diva's
Jo Kwon appeared on yet another Korean variety show and was put on a stage as Girls' generation's "Gee" and Beyoncé's "Single ladies" played. Needless to say what ensued. Cue Jo Kwoncé Fierce in full effect. But he got given some serious competition by Fly to the sky's Brian's inner diva Brianna: who took it all the way down to floor and shook the jelly all up on the telly for the world to see. The diva battles and hilarity commences after the jump.

Jo Kwonce's "Gee" dance is officially of legend. It's up there with his "Abracadabra". SooYoung looked like she was going to die with laughter, and also of jealously. Because she wishes she had that kind of movement and swagger. Jo Kwoncé shut the "Gee" dance down. He and Seulong need to go shoot themselves a video.

I honestly think that Jo Kwoncé Fierce could be Jamaica's first Korean dance hall queen with the way he was shaking and squatting his shit. Jo Kwoncé was looking cheekily into the camera like "Yeah bitch! I watch them Passa Passa DVD's, and know how to shake it like a black girl". And as for Brian: he channelled his inner diva and dropped moves that gave the original "Single ladies" routine a run for it's money!! Jo Kwoncé now has some stiff competition. I say the two of them shoot a video for "Single ladies". Korea's internets would implode! And I'm sure fans wouldn't mind seeing the two fellas in asymmetrical leotards.


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