Kumi Koda does her "Physical thing" on Music station

Kumi performs 'Physical thing' on Music station
Kumi Koda is a cow. She drops a rubbish video for "Physical thing" and then starts performing the song live on shows rocking a look and a dance routine that should have been in the music video. I guess Kumi-fans should be glad that she decided to turn the swag on for the live performances and not re-create the music video. Although watching her writhe around on the stage, thrash the weave a little and then pop a wine bottle in her mouth would've been mildy entertaining.

I only just noticed that Kumi got her grill fixed! She made sure to show it off with a big ol' grin at the end of the performance. I remember when she used to have a bit of snaggletooth and now it's gone and her shit's perfectly aligned! It's understandable. When you're a music star and the paper starts stacking, the first thing that gets done is the grill. Well... In Japan it goes, nails, weave and then the grill at some later date. In Japan the hair comes first. F**k the teeth. As long as your hair is looking fly and correctly coloured, that's all that matters.


  1. She looks different with her teeth fixed! I can understand why she did it, but I think girls having a little "flaw" like that is cute.

    ANYWAYS, I'm really enjoying all of these performances. She's really going for it, and I'm glad that song isn't going to waste.


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