Leona gets punched

Leona gets punched in the face
Leona Lewis was at a book signing at Waterstone's in Piccadilly, when somebody who claims to be a fan asked Leona what the 5 fingers said to the face and then let her know.

According to reports, the 'fan' approached her to get his book signed, and then punched her. As security restrained him he also screamed out how he was a fan and that he loved her. I guess he wanted Leona to bleed some love for him. Dude went the complete wrong way about it though.

This is completely unexpected and plain out of order. Aside from the physical pain Leona had to suffer by being clouted in the face, she's of course going to feel humiliated by the whole ordeal.

This is really crude and blunt of me, but I'm going to be real right now. This is good publicity for her upcoming album. Obviously, if an artist could have the choice they'd rather not have an incident like this happen to them to sell a record. But this is publicity you can't buy, and is something that is going to have the UK behind Leona 100%. Which means, big album sales. Bigger than if this shit never happened. I've always found Leona Lewis to be boring, and this marks the first time ever that I've actively searched up on something concerning her. So in a twisted round-a-bout way, it's working and garnering more interest in her. For the wrong reasons, but still. Publicity is publicity in this game, and you can't buy this kind.

It really is a shame though. I can't see why you'd want to just hit somebody for no reason what-so-ever. I'm sure the dude that did it wouldn't appreciate somebody walking up to his mother, sister or girlfriend and lamping her one in the face.

There's no word on Leona and The Forehead (aka Rihanna) doing a collabo, but they should.


  1. Damn, that's f**ked up! Seeing how shy Leona is in public, I bet this really shook her a bit!

    That picture is really sad, lol (don't know why I laughed).

  2. That's got to be the worst thing someone could do. Does anyone know why he did it exactly? Was it because he doesn't like waiting in line?

  3. WTF?!? that is pretty fucked up :P like punching a kitten :( <3 u Leona x


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