Mariah performs... ACTUALLY performs "I want to know what love is" on The View

Mariah performs 'I want to know what love is' on The View
Mariah's performance game has been as patchy as Michael Jackson's head after the Pepsi incident. But in a shocking turn of events she managed to pull out a really nice performance on The View. I was not prepared for Mariah to not suck this good.

As far as I can tell, she sang the majority of it live. A couple of the belts at the end sounded like Mimimg Mimi was up on things - as they sounded a little too identical to the album recorded version, and I'm not willing to chalk it up to Mariah hitting the notes exactly the same. But her final whistle run sounded live to me. Mariah's not good enough an actress to fake that shit. I thought she was going to collapse on the floor when she went down. I rather liked it though. It was more movement on stage than I've seen from Mariah in years.

This performance has bumped her rendition of Foreigners classic up a few notches for me. And Mariah looked real nice too. Every time I see an asymmetrical black top, I think of "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)". (Damn you Beyoncé!!) Her weight is fooling the hell out of me right now. Sometimes she looks slim and at other times she looks like she's put on some pounds. I don't know if it's what she's wearing or her hair that's doing it. But it's crazy. Mariah's been looking nice as of late regardless anyway, and has actually been dressing appropriately. So kudos to her.


  1. BOOM! that was a great performance, not as good as a vintage mariah performance but by recent standards great and its reassuring to see she can still hit the whistle register live :P
    as for the clothes . . . yeah it looks like shes gone back to black lol (remember in the 90s when she was never out of it?!?) to be fair though it suits her and she looks like a hot woman not a trashy tramp :P
    tbh i recon shes pregnnt because i know shes desperate (for a baby lol) and even though shes usually quite big she always slims down to launch an album so there must be a reason and thats my guess :P
    hope the album does well but shes gonna have to pull her shit together single wise to save it, obsessed was a lame attempt at touch my body and i wanna know what love is is ok but something like angels cry would have been better . . .
    fingers crossed though :D


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