Miming Mimi's mini concert on The today show

Mariah Carey's mini concert on The today show
Miming Mimi hit up The today show to promote her Memoirs of an imperfect angel album, her new fragrance 'Forever' and also gave me a reminder as to why I had never bothered and won't ever bother to go and see Mariah perform live.


Wow. That was bad. And not in the good way. That was a piece of shit on a stick with a ribbon on it. Mariah sounded as flat as the titties of every 11 year old girl in that crowd, and she looked so STIFF! Two n***a's was all up around her at one point and she didn't even try to acknowledge or interact with them. It was like she was too frightened to move and was concentrating on trying to sing. And what was with her being lifted 3 times!? Mariah needs to enrol herself up into a stage presence class, get her a new choreographer and a stage performance director - because this shit was ragged. Mariah made ZERO effort to engage the crowd. A song like "Obsessed" should have had the crowd going crazy. But the crowd were barely moving and that live mess of an arrangement just took all the punch out of the beat - which (say what you will about the song) knocks hard!

I want to know what love is

This performance wasn't THAT bad. Especially when she doesn't sound all that great on the album recorded version to begin with. I'm not keen on this song at all, or how Mariah did it. The Mariah leading up to Butterfly would've hooked this version up. But now, vocally she just sounds iffy in places. I know she's getting older and wear and tear is kicking into her shit now. But it does feel a little deflating as a Mariah fan to hear that she struggles with certain notes live. Even notes that aren't that big, bold or melismatic. Mariah did not do Foreigner any favours with this shit. All it does is make me love and appreciate the original more.


"H.A.T.E.U" is a great song, and is up there as one of Mariah's most memorable (for all the right reasons). So I'm conflicted between feeling disappointed that she mimed the majority of it, and being grateful that she did so she didn't ruin it completely. Fans be defending Mariah up on YouTube saying she clearly sang live in this performance. But we know on a real: Miming Mimi was on full force with this shit right here. The whole of that bridge was mimed to the max and them whistles were suspect too. It's a shame that one of most telling and personal songs on Memoirs of an imperfect angel got mimed like this. The performance felt so disconnected as a result.

Make it happen

"Make it happen" was a complete and utter mess. "Make it happen" was and still is one of my favourite songs off of Miming Mimi's Emotions album. The song was always a vehicle for showing that Mariah can belt her arse off, so when you strip that away as Mariah did with this performance - you're left with nothing. She was sounding so hoarse and like she actually was not able to go any higher than she did with the belts. It was embarrassing to watch, because you're waiting for them notes to come, they don't, and then you feel shame for Mariah. Stans can make excuses about how it was early in the morning and how it was cold and shit. I don't give a silicone implanted titty about any of that. If you feel certain things are going to factor into your ability to deliver a song solidly live, then you scrap that song and do something else. Here's a reminder of how Mariah used to run circles around this shit back in the day. It's almost sad isn't it?


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