Music video: f(x) - Chocolate love (Electronic pop version)

The f(x) girls are certainly pushing that sex more than the SNSD-bots. They look much more seasoned too. The girls were were swagging and t'working it out in a way that I don't think the SNSD-bots know how to! The video wasn't as good as the SNSD-bots'. The over sex and closeness got old quick, and was a bit odd to watch given some of the girls' ages. Plus, all I could think as I watched it was how Son Dam Bi and After school did it all before with "Amoled". But f(x) get a thumbs up for looking like the real deal. They have a swagger and look about them that gives you the impression they've been in the game for a while. They've already transitioned into that sexy / womanly phase better than Girls' generation have (and still are).

Amber's look is growing on me a great deal, because she's now startin' to work it and not look so fed up all the time. The stylists aren't quite there yet. But some form of femininity is starting to creep its way onto Amber. It certainly makes her the most memorable member. I don't think she should start goin' all girly like the other members. But just a few more subtle hints of femininity would go a long way. The eye make-up is a start. Next? Some lip gloss and eye shadow.


  1. The girl in the top shot at 2.44 freaked me out - she looked stoned!

    The background shots reminded me of various other vids such as Michael Jackson and Sugababes but it was a cool vid nevertheless.

  2. @lilithdarkstorm: Lol, that's Victoria, their leader.

    No, I think this was better than SNSD's one. The other one screamed "sex symbol" with the outfits, voice and dance moves.

    I prefer this one. Victoria and Sulli are my favourites.


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