Music video: Meloride - Kokoniaru

J-Rock group Meloride's first single: and I love it! It's fun, it's catchy and has a great video too boot. Pretty standard by light punk rock tinged with pop standards, but still a good 'un. They managed to rope in some good talent and cop high production values for their debut music video. Veteran wrestler Riki Chōshū and J-drama actress Katagiri Hairi (who I remember as the weird mother from Sexy voice and Robo). The song also features in the film Oarai ni mo hoshi wa furu nari which stars Death note and L: Change the world star Toda Erika.

I'd like to think Meloride will drop a string of singles that will all vary in sound. But for some reason I get the feeling they're all going to sound the same. I will keep a look out for them though. I've been in the market for a new J-Punk 'n Rock group to roll with, and Meloride definitely have my attention with "Kokoniaru".


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