Music video: Sugababes - About a girl

I can't hate. The girls look HOT in this video. The little dance they did wasn't anything amazing, but it was cute and the girls rocked it. I especially liked the dance in the circle then drop during the hook. Heidi and Amelle was owning their shit something chronic. We all knew Amelle had that swag. But I had no idea Heidi was on it like that. She looked great! Jade was looking nice too, but didn't seem to get as much air time as the other girls. I can understand why this may have been done, but it did look really odd. Especially during the chorus when Jade is clearly the only member singing, yet Heidi and Amelle are placed bang in the middle mouthing the words to it each time. They label should have gone with a mix of the song that has all three girls on the chorus. I've also expressed my love for their debut live performance of "About a girl" because the chorus sounds so much better with all three girls on it.

The whole Kill Bill style story line was a bit stupid and tacked on. There were supposed to be more Kill Bill moments, but due to the line-up change and time constraints as a result - they got cut. I'm wandering if the other girls shot their scenes before the line-up change and were set to be double for Sugababes 3.0. The hair colours and skin tones certainly match. I think the video would've been better if it had been a straight performance video. Because the whole time I was watching the bullshit in the trailer witht he briefcase I was wanting to see the girls' swag and kick sand up all in each other boats.

The new line up looks as sexy as ever. But the situation is still stank. It really would've been better if the album had been pushed back, or the line-up was changed long before the Sweet 7 promo mill started - rather than rush with this new line up.

About a girl: Sugababes 3.0's version | Sugababes 4.0's version


  1. yeah tbh i think jade should have been featured in the vid as much as heidi and amelle but they owned it without a doubt!
    heidi with a hailo was looking super sexy and so were jade and amelle.
    i think it would have been better with all 3 on the chorus too after seing h/a/k perform it live but its still great :P
    i think we should just move on from the line-up change now, its done and theres nothing people can do to change it so fans should either embrace the new line-up or move on and stop hatin on the new line-up . . . cant wait for sweet 7!!! XP


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