Namie's 8th studio album is on the way!

As was expected, Namie Amuro will be releasing a new studio album at the end of the year! It's currently Untitled, but it has an official track list. It's pretty light on songs. (Only 11!?) Hopefully they'll all be hot. The songs we've heard so far certainly are...

01. Wild
02. Dr.
03. My love
04. Copy that!
05. Fast car
06. Bad habit
07. Love game
08. Steal my night
09. Shut up
10. The meaning of us
11. Defend love
12. First timer

I've been wanting a new album from this woman for too long. So December is going to be the month where I play this album to absolute death. I cannot wait to hear the songs "My love" and "Copy that!" in full. Especially "Copy that!" which has the hottest hook I've heard in a Namie song since "WoWa".

I'm eager to see what Amuro-chan pulls out of the bag for the album art. Best fiction and Play both had Namie turning on the hotness. And with her continuing to just look sexier and sexier - there's no reason for her not to look pretty f**king hot on it. I just hope the inlays feature lots of pictures of her. Play's was sorely lacking.

Hear a couple of the songs: Dr & Wild
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