Mariah's Angels advocate is a wrap

Mariah's 'Angels advocate' hits the bin [by Random J ;P]
♪ Po' Mariaaaaah, weak sales make her situation dire! ♪

It should come as no surprise that Miming Mimi's remix album Angels' advocate has now been shelved. The album was due to get a worldwide release, which then got scaled down to only be distributed through Target stores, and now the album isn't even fit to sit in a Target bargain bin; with the release now being cancelled.

Angels advocate was a bad idea from the start. The whole thing stunk of desperation to try and rekindle the Memoirs of an imperfect angel album. What Def Jam should have done was picked up the pace on the singles, and dropped "H.A.T.E.U" and "Up out my face" with the quickness. But instead they took too long, dilly dallying around, and before you knew it, the album was sliding down the charts faster than Nick Cannon's head on Mariah's oiled titty.

None of the songs on Memoirs of an imperfect angel needed a remix anyway, because the songs were fine as they were. After hearing what T-Pain did to "Candy bling" and how Jermaine Dupri ruined "H.A.T.E.U", I lost all interest in Angels advocate. And it seems like Def Jam did too. The whole thing pretty much leaking to a lukewarm response did not help matters neither.

Word is Mariah is back in the studio working on something. Whatever it is, it'll probabaly either:
  • Release and bomb
  • Get scrapped
Rumblings are that she might work on a Christmas album. I sure as hell hope not. I don't want her 'ain't a damn thing like they were in 1993' vocals and The Dream's juvenile song writing to go and butcher some good Christmas classics. And I will slap a ho if she dares try go and mess with "All I want for Christmas is you".


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