Rain goes Back to the basic

Rain's 'Back to the basic' album cover
Korean superstar Rain will be making a comeback to music! Marking his second album from his own little music camp J. Tune, and this right here is the album cover.

Rain has been working his feminine side since building up his little J. Tune empire. First he goes all village people for his Rainism promo shots, now sweetie is working fake lashes and contacts. Koreans dudes be getting the eyes made up more than the girls, so this shouldn't be a shock to K-Pop fans. or anybody for that matter. Dudes in rock have been on the guy liner forever, and with dudes like Adam Lambert on the mainstream pop scene now, this is just another day. It's not even a thing.

Chances are Back to the basic will sound like all of Rain's other albums. Rain is charismatic, he's good looking, he can dance his arse off and is a pretty good actor (I won't hear a damn bad thing said about his roles in Full house and Let's go to school Sang Doo). But I've never thought much of his music. It all sounds the same, and tries too hard to encapsulate that whole US R&B sound; with the result coming off forced and as though somebody tried a little too hard with the music.

Ever since Junho came onto the scene as part of 2PM, I always get a slight delay when I see a picture of one or the other, because he and Rain both look so alike.


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