Music video: Girls' generation - Tell me your wish (Genie) (Japanese version)

It's so weird hearing this sung in Japanese without the ol' ♪ Sowoneul malhaebwa ♪. But I like it. The songwriters did a great job of re-working the song from Korean to Japanese and having the rhythm of how the song is sung stay the same. There have been a fair few songs that have gone from Korean to Japanese and sounded awful. (Sorry Brown eyed girls. But your Japanese version of "Abracadabra" is some bullshit).

The video wasn't all that great, then again neither was the Korean one. The girls' looked nice though. There was something a little more grown about how they swagged this time around. And they've improved their time keeping too. Each of the SNSD-bots had their Genie leg swing at precisely the same time! Now that's improvement.

I'm still not sick of this song. I f**king love it. I might even love it more than "Gee" now. Oh Lawd...


  1. I think that this video felt soooo much better than the Korean one. There were no weird angles, crappy editing, or giant pink heart-shaped stages with giant pink heart-shaped backgrounds. The choreography also seemed a lot tighter and the outfits looked better and sexier. True, their Japanese isn't amazing, and it's a little awkward to hear them sing in it (It just doesn't feel right without the Sowoneul malhaebwa), but the video is a great improvement.

    P.S. SM is really going overboard with this 3D thing. First BoA, now this.


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