Music video: Crystal Kay - Journey ~君と二人で~

I found this video so engaging that I watched it twice! Crystal had great chemistry with her on-screen beau, which made the whole video believable. This is EXACTLY the kind of video Crystal should have been going for with that "After love 'First boyfriend-" mess. So I'm glad somebody got it right this time. A great effort which matched the song perfectly. And speaking of the song, I really like it having finally heard it in full. I don't love it just yet, but I imagine I will soon enough. "Journey" seems like a slow burning grower that I can see myself spinning to death in the upcoming weeks. As is often (almost always) the case, the music production and Crystal's vocals are top notch.

And to Deela, I present a freshly picked flower for providing me with this video! I would hook you up with a copy of Spin the music, but my booty is broke and will stay broke until January. Lord knows Crystal could do with them sales. I can already hear Ayumi revving the Monster 4x4 to run Crystal's shit over and not even shoot a bitches wreckage a look in the rear view.


  1. Very nice video. Ok I'm gonna say it, I like this song. Now I feel better about buying the single.

  2. I like the video! I feel like she is definitely improving with her videos. I liked Flash as well as this! You're right about the song! I first I wasn't too keen on the song, but after a few listens I've changed my mind. It's a pretty good song, and it's perfect for the season.

  3. Haha, you're welcome J! I gladly accept the flower. :)

    I'm just going to hope that her sales do better this time around. I love CK so much and I really want her to succeed. Maybe Spin the Music won't be as much of a disappointment (tracklist and sales) as it seems.

  4. OMG! i knew i was gonna love this! so awsome.
    The video is great and CK look amazing and you're right the Chemistry between her and her boyfriend was convincing but it isn't supprising because he was cuter than Kaname lol

    I'm anticipating this album again now, can't wait to get it!!!!

    P.S @Deela where did you get the vid? ^_^

  5. Crystal tweeted (@CKAY26) yesterday that her video had premiered. So I scoured YouTube (nothing) and then Dailymotion (jackpot!).

    *Because Dailymotion is based in Paris, FR it has a lot of the foreign videos that aren't on YT (or, that get deleted in a hot second because of the stupid agreements YT has with record companies).

    So yeah, Dailymotion is the place to go when YouTube fails, usually! :)

  6. But FYI it is on YouTube now (for now). It's just that Dailymotion had it first.


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