Music video: Hikaru Utada - Goodbye happiness

Just when I thought I could not love this woman any more, she goes and f**king releases this song and video. How can you not fall for this video!? It's fun, it's sweet, and makes you a little bit sad that Hikaru will be stepping back from music for the time being. The whole YouTube spoof dealio and references to her past videos (did you spot "Automatic" and "Travelling"?) really does make you feel like Hikaru did this video for each and every one of her fans.

Hikaru Utada just made all of her fans around the world really happy and sad in equal measure with this. She honestly could not have done a better video to bow out with.

The bitch is a genius.


  1. awww....i can't even deal with how cute this is. i feel like she did this as a thank you cause she'll be gone for a while, and that's quite sad...


  2. there's even more to spot, the intro card board refers to the mvs of the deep river era while the head phones are reminiscient of the heart station mv, im sure there are more hints... ultra blue anyone?

  3. I love the PV too, so cute. It's a lovely put together piece made with love for her past hits, career and fans before she heads off.


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