Behind the scenes of JoJo's "Disaster"

After being stuck in musical limbo for a good few years, JoJo's oft delayed third studio album may finally see the light of day. Lead single "Disaster" has had a video shot for it and everything! Damn. It may actually happen...

I don't like "Disaster". Shit sounds like...a disaster. I much preferred "The other chick". The problem I have with "Disaster" is that it's not much of a departure from "Leave (Get out)" and "Too little, too late", both of which were better songs and ahead of JoJo's own time in the first places.

JoJo has been away from the chart game for so long, that it would have been nice if her comeback single was something a bit more fresh which showcased her growth. Her mixtape and leaked material signaled amazing new directions for JoJo and yet...for her big comeback single, she reverts back to the same old thing she'd done before, with no evident growth what-so-ever. And to make matters worse, the song isn't even that good.

"In the dark" should have been JoJo's big comeback lead single and she knows it.

And if that shit shown in the video is the official album cover for her upcoming album Jumping trains, then JoJo needs to reshoot it and have a designer who isn't blind hook her up with some nicer fonts and placements.

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  1. No1. I think she's said before that they filmed a vid for annother song first but then the label wanted to release "Disaster" as the lead because it is similar to her old stuff and she was happy to go along so i think the 2nd single will be different.
    As much as i love "In the dark" it would not have been a commercial hit, Disaster will be.

    2. How HOT is JoJo lately?! in that black dress in the vid... BOOM!

    3. That better not be the album cover lol


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